Welcome to Taking in the Sights.

Thanks for taking some time to look at our ‘work with us’ page. We developing the site as a vibrant quality driven travel and photography blog. Our core focus is on travel articles, guides and destination reviews, to make sure you ‘know before you go’, backed up with inspirational photography.

The site was started in 2017 and we have over 30 years of travelling behind us to bring to this venture. So we are well placed to contribute to the competitive travel blog market. We aim to grow steadily and to be recognised  and well respected within the industry. Have a look at our About Us page for some personal info.

As we continue to grow, we welcome opportunities to work together. If you would like to work with us we would love to hear from you in relation to any of the following areas;

The provision of travel advice and itinerary planning

It is a big world out there. If you like travelling then your work with us can help you to take the step from dreaming about a trip to making it happen.  We can put an itinerary or framework in place for you along with helpful advice and information. All based on our experience.

Freelance writing

We are passionate about travelling and all of our writing is based on our own travels. Photography is an integral part of our writing. After all they say a picture is worth a thousand words and so photos are included in everything that we do. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss, regardless of its size or topic, as long as it is travel based, then please contact us.


The galleries on the website showcase a sample of the travel photography we produce. These can be made available in high or low resolution images. If you let us know what you are after we can provide a rate and price, either from stock or as a fresh commission. Photos can be bought on a licensed basis either as prints or for use with social media sites.

Press & Social Media Trips

We can help promote your destination to our audience through the use of the website and our social media sites. By sharing our experiences of your destination with our readers it will help increase your online exposure and product awareness. If you are considering inviting us to your destination, we will write quality, honest reviews of our experiences backed up with photographs, both on our website and across social media.


You can help promote your brand or product awareness and reach other travellers through advertising on our website. This can either be placed in a sidebar, as a banner or within an article and marked as an advertisement. In addition to the website we have our social media sites which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Brand Ambassadors

If we are familiar with your brand we can promote it on the website and social media. This doesn’t just increase exposure and product awareness but also helps build brand association with the name of our website. It is also there for as long as you want it to be, for years to come.

Sponsored Posts

We can promote your travel product by writing an article about it which can be distributed across social media.

Product Reviews

If you want to have your product honestly reviewed then we will provide an unbiased report on items that are designed for travel and photography. We can do this for both physical products or online. We can write a full review and promote this across social media to help you increase product awareness and reach new customers. This promotion will be continuous as the articles will remain on the sites indefinitely.

Starting to work with us

To start a discussion please complete the contact us form in the first instance. Please briefly outline what your interests are along with your requirements and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to productive discussions with you.

Thank you for your interest in working with us.