Zion Canyon under heavy skies from Kolob Terrace Road with sunflowers in the foreground


Our travel blog covers a world bursting with beauty, history, culture, natural wonders and is full of emotion. Despite our travels over the past 30+ years we only seem to scratch the surface. The more we travel the more we realise the endless opportunities there are to broaden our minds.

Taking in the Sights is not just our travel blog, it is also a journal of our travels over time. Come in and stay a while and we’ll share it with you.

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive with the canyon's high peaks in the background in Zion National Park

The views, opinions and photography are our own and based on our experiences and knowledge gathered during our travels, unless of course we say otherwise.

Hopefully, we can inspire and tempt you to visit destinations that are new to you. After all it is a big world out there.

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Within Taking in the Sights  you’ll find lots of travel articles, advice and inspirational photography in one place. Ultimately, we are ‘Canny Scots’ so money doesn’t leave our pockets easily and only does so when we are comfortable we are getting value for money.

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